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KASK Protone

KASK Protone
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Color: Black/Red
  • Color: Black/Black
  • Color: Black/Lime
  • Color: White/Red
  • Color: Black/White
  • Color: White/Lime
  • Color: Blue Matte
  • Color: Light Blue
  • Color: Lime
  • Color: Navy Blue/Pink
  • Color: Navy Blue/White
  • Color: Pink/Navy Blue
  • Color: Red
  • Color: White
  • Color: Bordeaux
  • Color: White/Light Blue
  • Color: Grey
  • Color: White/Navy Blue
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With just 215g of weight, Protone has the lowest drag and the fastest heat dissipation coefficients compared to any other ventilated helmet. Thanks to several ventilation holes and a thick padding material, heat and moisture are dissipated very fast, improving comfort and performance without giving up on safety: the top area is reinforced with an internal plastic sub-structure that increases crash protection.

The Protone uses a 3D Dry padding with a multi-layer open cell construction process to give a more comfortable ride. It has removable and washable inner padding, made from CoolMax fabrics and its inner padding fabric has been treated using the Sanitized antimicrobial process. KASK has also continued to use its Multi In-Moulding Technology to create a polycarbonate cover for the top, base ring and the back of the helmet’s shell. This is joined to the inner polystyrene cap via KASK’s In-Moulding Technology to improve the shell’s shock absorption. Its strengthened frame further reduces the risk of a shock breaking the shell.

Meets the following standards:
EN 1078
CPSC 1203
AS/NZS 2063

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Black/Red / Medium 8057099020763 CHE00037.226.58 P3722658
Black/Red / Large 8057099020770 CHE00037.226.62 P3722662
Black/Lime / Medium 8057099020787 CHE00037.227.58 P3722758
Black/Lime / Large 8057099020794 CHE00037.227.62 P3722762
White/Red / Medium 8057099020800 CHE00037.241.58 P3724158
White/Red / Large 8057099020817 CHE00037.241.62 P3724162
White/Lime / Medium 8057099020824 CHE00037.247.58 P3724758
White/Lime / Large 8057099020831 CHE00037.247.62 P3724762
Black/Black / Medium 08057099022040 CHE00037.201.58 P3720158
Black/Black / Large 08057099022057 CHE00037.201.62 P3720162
White / Medium 08057099022064 CHE00037.203.58 P3720358
White / Large 08057099022071 CHE00037.203.62 P3720362
Red / Medium 08057099022088 CHE00037.206.58 P3720658
Red / Large 08057099022095 CHE00037.206.62 P3720662
Lime / Medium 08057099022101 CHE00037.208.58 P3720858
Lime / Large 08057099022118 CHE00037.208.62 P3720862
Light Blue / Medium 08057099022125 CHE00037.210.58 P3721058
Light Blue / Large 08057099022132 CHE00037.210.62 P3721062
Black/Blue / Large 08057099022156 CHE00037.213.62 P3721362
Black/White / Medium 08057099022163 CHE00037.240.58 P3724058
Black/White / Large 08057099022170 CHE00037.240.62 P3724062
White/Light Blue / Medium 08057099022187 CHE00037.248.58 P3724858
White/Light Blue / Large 08057099022194 CHE00037.248.62 P3724862
Blue Matte / Medium 08057099043595 CHE00037.256.58 P3725658
Blue Matte / Large 08057099043601 CHE00037.256.62 P3725662
Navy Blue/Pink / Medium 08057099043618 CHE00037.257.58 P3725758
Navy Blue/Pink / Large 08057099043625 CHE00037.257.62 P3725762
Pink/Navy Blue / Medium 08057099043632 CHE00037.258.58 P3725858
Pink/Navy Blue / Large 08057099043649 CHE00037.258.62 P3725862
Black/Blue / Medium 8057099022149 CHE00037.213.58 P3721358