Cannondale 2007 SI Crank Recall

Cannondale is recalling 2007 and newer road and mountain System Integrated 2-piece cranks (see examples below). The aluminum spindle of these cranks was incorrectly heat treated during the manufacturing process, which can lead to crankset failure. Cannondale has had no reports of injuries.

Cannondale's Carbon SI road crank!
Cannondale's Carbon SI Montain Crank!

Cannondale's 2-piece-carbon System Integrated road crank (graphics may differ). 

Cannondale's 2-piece-carbon System Integrated mountain crank (graphics may differ). 

If you own one of the models, found on the following bicycles (shown below), please bring it to us for inspection. We will remove the crankset, clean and inspect the spindle. If we find a crack in the spindle we will install a new crankset at no cost. You may contact us for details and to set up an appointment if you like. Or, you can call Cannondale at 1-800-245-3872 for more information. 

 Included Bicycles

 Included Framesets

2007 Six13 Team 1, compact and standard drive

 Synapse SL SI

2007 Six13 Team 3, compact and standard drive

 System 6 Team SI

2007 Synapse Carbon SL1, compact drive

 CAAD9 Cyclocross SI

2007 Cyclocross CAAD9 SI1, compact drive

 (All Carbon SI Cranksets)

2007 Ironman Six13 Slice 1, Carbon SI standard drive 
2007 Taurine Carbon 1 
2007 Rush Carbon 2 
2008 System 6 Liquigas 3, compact and standard drive