Shimano Quick Release Recall

While there have been no reports of accidents or injuries associated with the component, as a precautionary measure, Shimano America Corporation has announced a voluntary recall for select front quick releases (QR) fitted to front hubs and front wheels of certain road and off-road bicycles.

The front quick release (shown below) is found on the front wheel of bicycles equipped with QRs. It is used to secure the front wheel to the bicycle.

The quick release is the entire assembly. The skewer is the center rod.
The quick release is the entire assembly. The skewer is the center rod. Check to see if it's silver.

If you have a front quick release that matches the descriptions below, stop using it immediately and contact us.

Front-wheel quick-releases with silver skewers (photo) purchased or received after November 1, 2005 are affected and should not be used. Quick releases with a black skewer or a small round sticker on the back of the lever are not affected.

Quick releases supplied with the following front hubs and front wheels are recalled:

Shimano Front Wheels

  • WH-7801 (Dura-Ace aluminum clincher)
  • WH-7801C (Dura-Ace carbon tubular)
  • WH-7801C50 (Dura-Ace deep-dish carbon tubular)
  • WH-7801SL (Dura-Ace scandium clincher/tubeless wheels)
  • WH-R600 (Ultegra-level clincher)
  • WH-M965 (XTR)

Shimano Front Road Hubs

  • HB-5501 105 9-speed
  • HB-5600 105 10-speed
  • HB-6600 Ultegra 10-speed
  • HB-7800 Dura-Ace 10-speed
  • HB-HF08

Shimano Front Mountain-Bike Hubs

  • HB-M756 (Deore XT)
  • HB-M760 (Deore XT)
  • HB-M765 (Deore XT)
  • HB-M960 (XTR)
  • HB-M965 (XTR)

Shimano Dynamo Front Hubs

  • DH-2N71
  • DH-3N71
  • DH3D71

If you own one of the Shimano front wheels or front hubs mentioned, please stop using the quick-release that came with it. Shimano has submitted a replacement plan to the CPSC for approval. Upon approval Shimano will provide a plan for replacement of the recalled front quick releases. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding your bicycle and this recall.