Cannondale 2007 Road-Bike Brake Recall

Cannondale is recalling the following 2007 bicycles: the Six13 Team 1, Six13 Team 1 Compact, Synapse Carbon SL1, and the Synapse Carbon SL1 Compact. because they've received reports that the front brake can fail due to a recessed Allen nut that is too short, resulting in insufficient thread engagement. They have had no reports of injuries.

If you own one of the models with the following product code (shown below), please bring it to us to have the brake hardware replaced and reinstalled free of charge. You may contact us for details and to set up an appointment if you like. Or, you can call Cannondale at 1-800-245-3872. 

 Bicycle Model

 Product Code

 2007 Six13 Team 1, Compact drive


 2007 Six13 Team 1


 2007 Synapse CarbonSL1, Compact SI


 2007 Synapse Carbon SL1



2007 Six13 Team 1

2007 Synapse Carbon SL 1